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  • I attended Shan's sessions at the P.A.S.S. Program, and my pharm scores went from a star on the left to a bar on the far right. I used to dread pharmacology.. always deselecting it when doing questions. After Shan's sessions, I look forward to these types of questions. As a fellow student - he knows clues and methods to help remember all the crazy drug names, MOAs, and clinical uses. This series will help take a load off your shoulders on the long road of medicine. I thank Shan and P.A.S.S. for all their help and I hope everyone takes advantage of this wonderful series! - Farah T, Chicago MD3

    Farah T.

    Chicago - MD2
  • "Wow!" was probably one of the very first thoughts to race across my mind when I started the Kisspharm on-line video series. I did everything possible to avoid the pharm section(s) in First Aid. I consider myself to have the worst memory, but Shan really helps students to master the drugs! The course offers more than just simple rote memorization techniques, the course is actually quite dynamic with superb interactions between Shan and the attendees! Shan covers the basics needed to ace this exam! His explanations are concise yet simple! Shan definitely loves pharm, and his passion resonates in his lectures. I am attending the course from the comforts of home, with the superior video/ audio quality of the lectures- I literally feel like I am attending a live session as I am shouting out the drugs with the attendees. I would recommend this program to all medical students, and especially to anyone looking to boost their scores in pharm!! Thanks Shan!

    Phil E.

    SJSM - MD2
  • Personally through out my medical career I have struggled greatly with pharm, but thanks to Shan's sessions, that is a thing of the past. His way is just an amazing and wonderful way of learning. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I could know so much about pharmacology and then some. As med students such as myself we do tend to complicate things all the time. This series really is a simple way of learning, but not only that it is a well ORGANIZED way of keeping it as simple as possible. Shan explains concepts so clear with immense amount of energy that makes learning so much FUN! I have even noticed my Q bank scores went up so much. To sum it up, if you were or are that student that just never got pharm this series is just for you. This is an amazing series from an amazing person, Thanks Shan for making me never give up and never surrender. N.C.

    Nastassia Chrisphonte

    CMU - MD2
  • The KissPharm series is a highly engaging & effective program in mastering the essentials of pharmacology for the Step. Very High Yield pharmacology is presented in such an easily digestible & fun manner, you’ll feel accomplished and confident from the very first lecture. It’s process, induces proper conceptualization and application of pharmacology overall, and before you know it, you’ll know pharmacology with complete confidence. Definitely a “must have” when preparing for any Step!

    Roxana C.

    SJSM - MD3
  • I had a hard time remembering all the drug names prior to taking my step 1 and was lucky to have met Shan. He made pharm very easy to remember, with funny mnemonics, quick repetitions and enthusiasm. Having passed step 1 with great results, I know Shan’s approach to pharmacology works 100%.

    Wais K.

    UAG School of Medicine
  • After only one week at PASS program, and going to Shan´s daily drill sessions, I was able to see a 10 point increase in my pharm UWorld scores! His method really worked for me and I was able to go in to take my step 1 feeling very confident about pharm. I really recommend this program to anyone studying for step 1 🙂

    Michelle L.

    UAG School of Medicine
  • The pharm drills I experienced at the PASS Program conducted by Shan were beyond helpful. Pharm was one of my weaker scores on practice exams and due to the repetition and helpful hints, it ended up being of the highest scores on the boards! Thanks Shan!

    Solmaz R.

    Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • I came to the PASS program for the 4 week class hoping not just to pass the Step exam afterwards, but to organize and improve my knowledge and to solidify fundamental basics for the rest of my career. The program did just that for me. In regard to pharmacology specifically, what really worked for me at the PASS program, were Shan’s pharmacology sessions. Shan’s daily pharmsessions were an adjunct to the PASS curriculum and were not mandatory, but one of my friends who attended these before me swore by them and mentioned that his pharm scores started out very low, but were near perfect after 4 weeks of Shan’s sessions without any extra self/home studying. To be honest, I was skeptical: Pharmacology is difficult and there is absolutely no easy way of going about it without very hard work and a solid time investment, and time is in very short supply when it comes to Step exam studies. But then I attended one of these pharm sessions and watched my friend answer all of the drill...Read more


    Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University
  • I scored a 224! When I came to PASS, I had been out of my basic sciences for about 3 years. I was very rusty with my pharmacology, and I was hoping that Shan’s drills would help me remember the pharm I had already learned. What I didn’t count on was that Shan would be teaching me new material above and beyond which I had learned in a US medical school. On Step 1, I scored a 224, and I did exceptionally well on the pharm section. The PASS Program and Shan’s sessions contributed significantly to my performance. Moreover, in my rotations, I am discovering I actually know the medications well. I’m able to pull together very good Assessment and Plans….again, thanks to the PASS program and Shan’s drills.I would honestly recommend to every medical student to attend the PASS Program and to participate in Shan’s pharm drills. I’ve thanked you personally, and through various emails along way, but Shan – thanks again. I appreciate your efforts.

    Amy B.

    SJSM - MD3
  • I scored a 230! I was scoring in the 215-220 range consistently, but I was having a hard time raising my score any higher. After dedicating an hour a day to Shan's pharm drills, I was up in the 230-235 range. My goal was a 230 and I know that would have been very difficult without Shan's help! In one month of drills my score came up 10 points!! I highly recommend his drills even if you know your pharm because it speeds up the time you spend on pharm questions and allows more time to be spent on more difficult questions on the step. It is also a great way to take a "break" from studying because Shan is very funny and his humor helps you remember little details about drugs that can come in handy when answering questions. Thank you Shan and KISSPharm!

    Elizabeth S.

    Ross University School of Medicine