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  • As a second year medical student that hasn't done pharmacology yet, KISSPharm came to my school and I was sold instantly! I learned so much in the first 10 minutes I knew this was the way to learn pharmacology....for life. I decided to do the two day live lecture with Shan. I learned so much AND retained it, it's helped me in school already. I can't wait to take pharmacology. With KISSPharm it'll be a breeze!

    Nadia A.

    UAG School of Medicine
  • KISSPharm lectures are amazing. All of the pharmacology that Shan covers during his lectures, is really high yield. Almost all of the pharmacology questions, were very similar to what Shan teaches in his lectures. If you really want to master pharmacology for Usmle Step 1, I recommend - watch the KISSPharm series lectures.

    Fray A.

    UAG School of Medicine