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Oh Crap to Bring it On!

I came to the PASS program for the 4 week class hoping not just to pass the Step exam afterwards, but to organize and improve my knowledge and to solidify fundamental basics for the rest of my career. The program did just that for me.

In regard to pharmacology specifically, what really worked for me at the PASS program, were Shan’s pharmacology sessions. Shan’s daily pharmsessions were an adjunct to the PASS curriculum and were not mandatory, but one of my friends who attended these before me swore by them and mentioned that his pharm scores started out very low, but were near perfect after 4 weeks of Shan’s sessions without any extra self/home studying. To be honest, I was skeptical: Pharmacology is difficult and there is absolutely no easy way of going about it without very hard work and a solid time investment, and time is in very short supply when it comes to Step exam studies. But then I attended one of these pharm sessions and watched my friend answer all of the drill questions correctly and without thinking over 4 seconds per each question. Needless to say, I wanted to be able to do that too. Since then, I’ve attended all of Shan’s sessions for 4 weeks (5 days a week). I just sat though the sessions without pen, paper, or notes, and listened as well as answered oral questions. Some of the sessions on subjects I was especially weak on, I recorded on my cell phone and listened over again while working out at the local gym afterwards. Other than that, I did not put in any extra time. To my own surprise, after just 2 weeks I’ve learned more pharmacology that I could ever imagine, and after 4 weeks I’ve gained new confidence in it. I started answering questions like my friend did! My feeling about step1 and step 2 pharm questions went from “oh crap” to “bring it on” and I haven’t had any issues with pharmacology in my Step 1 exam afterwards and now feel confident about my knowledge for the upcoming clerkships and Step 2

Thank you Shan

VK Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University