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Scored a 230!

I scored a 230! I was scoring in the 215-220 range consistently, but I was having a hard time raising my score any higher. After dedicating an hour a day to Shan’s pharm drills, I was up in the 230-235 range. My goal was a 230 and I know that would have been very difficult without Shan’s help! In one month of drills my score came up 10 points!!

I highly recommend his drills even if you know your pharm because it speeds up the time you spend on pharm questions and allows more time to be spent on more difficult questions on the step. It is also a great way to take a “break” from studying because Shan is very funny and his humor helps you remember little details about drugs that can come in handy when answering questions.

Thank you Shan and KISSPharm!

Elizabeth S. Ross University School of Medicine