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KISSEMS is an EMS Pharmacology lecture series designed for paramedic students and practicing paramedics. This series will save you time and enable you to succeed on upcoming state certifying/licensing or national registry exams. The knowledge attained through KISSEMS will also equip you for success in the clinical setting. The methodology employed by KISSEMS will facilitate recall of drugs, drug classes, and mechanisms without employing rote memorization strategies. You will also receive free access to the resuscitation app (ACLS and PALS) which KISSPrep created in conjunction with Limmer creative (Yes, that Limmer – EMS legend, Dan Limmer) to reinforce concepts and facilitate better memorization strategies.

Course Curriculum

Med Math and Pharmacology Principles 00:00:00
Autonomic Pharmacology 00:00:00
Cardiac and Hypertensive Pharmacology 00:00:00
Opiates, NSAIDs, Steroids and Behavioral Science Pharmacology 00:00:00
Hematology, GI and Renal Pharmacology 00:00:00
Respiratory Pharmacology and Antidotes 00:00:00