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Scored a 224!!!

I scored a 224! When I came to PASS, I had been out of my basic sciences for about 3 years. I was very rusty with my pharmacology, and I was hoping that Shan’s drills would help me remember the pharm I had already learned. What I didn’t count on was that Shan would be teaching me new material above and beyond which I had learned in a US medical school. On Step 1, I scored a 224, and I did exceptionally well on the pharm section. The PASS Program and Shan’s sessions contributed significantly to my performance. Moreover, in my rotations, I am discovering I actually know the medications well. I’m able to pull together very good Assessment and Plans….again, thanks to the PASS program and Shan’s drills.I would honestly recommend to every medical student to attend the PASS Program and to participate in Shan’s pharm drills.

I’ve thanked you personally, and through various emails along way, but Shan – thanks again. I appreciate your efforts.

Amy B. SJSM - MD3