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Pharmacology made ridiculously simple!

“Wow!” was probably one of the very first thoughts to race across my mind when I started the Kisspharm on-line video series. I did everything possible to avoid the pharm section(s) in First Aid. I consider myself to have the worst memory, but Shan really helps students to master the drugs!

The course offers more than just simple rote memorization techniques, the course is actually quite dynamic with superb interactions between Shan and the attendees! Shan covers the basics needed to ace this exam! His explanations are concise yet simple! Shan definitely loves pharm, and his passion resonates in his lectures.

I am attending the course from the comforts of home, with the superior video/ audio quality of the lectures- I literally feel like I am attending a live session as I am shouting out the drugs with the attendees.

I would recommend this program to all medical students, and especially to anyone looking to boost their scores in pharm!!

Thanks Shan!

Phil E. SJSM - MD2