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A new and improved way of learning

Personally through out my medical career I have struggled greatly with pharm, but thanks to Shan’s sessions, that is a thing of the past. His way is just an amazing and wonderful way of learning. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I could know so much about pharmacology and then some. As med students such as myself we do tend to complicate things all the time. This series really is a simple way of learning, but not only that it is a well ORGANIZED way of keeping it as simple as possible. Shan explains concepts so clear with immense amount of energy that makes learning so much FUN! I have even noticed my Q bank scores went up so much. To sum it up, if you were or are that student that just never got pharm this series is just for you. This is an amazing series from an amazing person, Thanks Shan for making me never give up and never surrender. N.C.

Nastassia Chrisphonte CMU - MD2