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KISShelf Pediatrics is the perfect study companion whether you are preparing for your Pediatrics rotation, on the wards, or getting ready to review for your Pediatric NBME Shelf Exam. KISShelf Peds, helps you to mastery the highest yield info in neonatology, growth and development and the various pathologies of childhood. Impress your attendings and ACE your Peds Shelf with the KISShelf series!

The first section of the Pediatric shelf review focuses on the Newborn. We look at common topics concerning the birth of a baby and common hospital screening; along with looking at the various high yield pathologies associated with birth and a newborn infant.

Our second section looks at the common as well as some unique Genetic diseases; their pathophysiology as well as their common associations and treatments. From there we move onto growth and development. Pay special attention in the last part of this lecture to how many of each vaccination is given to a child.

Our third section of the Pediatric shelf review focuses on the meat and potatoes of Peds. We look review immuno deficiencies as well as well as all of the systemic based concepts and pathologies which will affect your pediatric population most frequently.

We wrap up your Pediatric shelf review with two very high yield topics for Peds; Infectious disease and MSK. Pay attention to the common bugs which affect children, as well as the next best step for treating and how to differentiate similar disease states.


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