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Pass Program

Not Your Typical USMLE Review Program


A Different Approach to USMLE review

The PASS Program employs a unique and highly effective approach to USMLE preparation that you won’t find anywhere else. We combine this approach with other success oriented supports and strategies to empower our students with the tools and confidence needed to excel in all steps of the USMLE.

Our “High Yield” Approach to Passing the USMLE

The USMLE is a series of 3 examination “steps” that build on each other to provide a common evaluation platform for Medical Boards in the United States and its territories. The content required for each step does not change; it is the application of that content and its complexity that changes.

Typical preparation programs use an inductive approach to learning that focuses on reviewing a broad range of biomedical facts and information first and then moving on to or leaving the student to derive the concepts that underlie this information. This approach essentially compresses medical school training by focusing on review and memorization.

The PASS Program focuses first on ensuring that students fully understand the basic concepts of medical science which then allows for much easier organization, absorption, and application of biomedical information. We essentially turn the medical learning pyramid upside down and empower students to apply concepts to virtually any fact pattern. This strategy best utilizes students’ time which is of the utmost value, resulting in a ‘high yield’ USMLE review experience.

The Ultimate in One-On-One USMLE Review Support

Each medical student has their own strengths and challenges with regard to concepts, information, and test taking strategies. Class sizes at PASS are small so our instructors quickly get to know each student by name. No student is ever left behind and individual needs are easily identified and addressed. We also recognize and accommodate students’ individual learning styles (e.g. auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) and unlike many other programs, we encourage questions and student interaction during lectures.

We also have a small core team of physician instructors and expert support staff so students get to work with the same staff during their USMLE review experience.

Finally, we offer an incomparable level of one-on one tutoring by M.D.s who have completed the PASS program. Tutoring is tailored to individual student needs and may consist of:

  • Reviewing NBME self assessment results
  • Answering questions from lectures
  • Questions banks
  • Working on study and test taking skills
  • Drilling
  • Superior Learning Environment

The PASS USMLE preparation program is an immersive experience. We offer state-of-the-art learning facilities, convenient housing, course materials, assessment exams, encouragement, and a supportive environment.

Introduction to Pharmacology

by Dr. Francis