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How to Access Your Courses

1. Click on the COURSE LOGIN button.


2. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click on the LOGIN button.


3. You will be taken to the “My Account” page (aka account dashboard).


4. Click on your name at the top right. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on COURSES.


5. This will take you to your list of courses. Once you find your desired course, click on the CONTINUE COURSE link or START COURSE link, depending on where you are at with the course.


6. Once you get to the course page, you will have a few options. Click on START COURSE or select the course topic from the list on the right side. There are also a few buttons below the list that will allow you to go Back to the Course, Review the Course or Finish the Course.


7. Upon making your selection, a box will pop up with a password. Please enter the password in the white box to watch the video.


8. Start watching the video.